Covid: The Illusion of Control

Covid deaths per million people in Sweden, the EU, and the US (OWD)

Published: December 2020
Updated: May 2021

As the above chart shows, covid deaths in Sweden – without lockdowns, masks and primary school closures, and with one of the lowest ICU capacities in Europe – are lower than the average in both the EU and the US. In other words, the many measures proposed by supposed experts have been largely ineffective medically, but highly destructive socially and economically.

The only effective intervention to reduce severe disease and deaths – absent early border controls or all-out totalitarian policies – has been ignored or blocked by most Western health authorities: evidence-based early and prophylactic treatment. It may have been just too cost-efficient.

SPR readers were among the first in the world to get the actual facts about the real covid mortality profile; the huge importance of nursing homes (still ignored by many authorities); the ineffec­tive­ness of cloth masks, lockdowns and ‘contact tracing’; the remdesivir fraud; the anti-HCQ ploys; the reality of long covid; the ventilator disaster; the trouble with PCR tests; the Mojiang miners virus origin hypothesis; widespread media disinformation; and effective early treatment options.

Overall, the covid pandemic is closest to a medium influenza pandemic (like 1957 and 1968) hitting aged populations in industrialized countries with a high rate of cardiovascular disease. With the notable exceptions of children and Black Africa, covid is clearly worse than the ‘seasonal flu’, but clearly milder than the 1918 influenza and previous global pandemics.

We wish our readers a healthy and positive 2021.

Additional charts

1) North Dakota vs South Dakota

Covid cases in North Dakota vs South Dakota (Yinon Weiss)

2) Florida vs. Texas vs. California (all having very different covid policies)

Cases in Florida, Texas and California (Yinon Weiss)

3) Germany: No effect of N95/FFP2 masks

Covid cases in Bavaria (FFP2/N95 mandate) vs. Germany overall (ARD/RKI/DaFeid)

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