The Israel Lobby: Facts and Myths

An overview of high-quality documentaries, studies and reports (ordered chronologically).

  1. The Lobby — USA: An investigative documentary (Al Jazeera, 180 minutes, 2018)
  2. Israel and Internet Censorship (Alison Weir, The Ron Unz Review, 2018; Video)
  3. The Lobby in Britain: An investigative documentary (Al Jazeera, 90 minutes, 2017)
  4. Do Jews control the media? (Alan Dershowitz, Huffington Post, 2010)
  5. Defamation: The Movie (Yoav Shamir, First Run Features, 90 minutes, 2009)
  6. Do Jews run Hollywood? (Joel Stein, Los Angeles Times, 2008)
  7. Do Jews dominate in American Media? (Philip Weiss, Mondoweiss, 2008)
  8. The Israel Lobby in the US (VPRO Documentary, 50 minutes, 2007)
  9. The Israel Lobby (Mearsheimer & Walt, London Review of Books, 2006)
  10. Jewish Power: Inside The American Jewish Establishment (J.J. Goldberg, 1997)

Compiled by SPR, an independent Swiss media research group.

Read also: The American Empire and its Media (2019)

Published: November 2018

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