Donations to Swiss Policy Research

Languages: English / German

Donations to Swiss Policy Research are possible via credit card, PayPal, or Bitcoin.

  • Euro: PayPal or credit card (n/a)
  • US dollars: PayPal or credit card (n/a)
  • Bitcoin: 1Ko653N4E7wirqDZB8bqrQWRnE3BPiN4NR

Please note: A donation is only appropriate if you would like to thank SPR for work already published. Donations do not allow any influence on SPR. Donations from people involved in politics or the media cannot be accepted. Recurrent donations cannot be accepted, either.

Note on PayPal: PayPal may ask for a billing address and a phone number, but will accept any entry. In any case, SPR will only see your name and your email address.

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