On Corona, the Media, and Propaganda

The coronavirus puzzle

Published: 19 March 2020; Updated: 25 April 2020
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In the current situation, the old and proven propaganda rule applies again: the less is known, the more is speculated. For attentive readers, however, this offers an opportunity to assess the standards and focus of different media outlets and authors.

One may ask, for example:

  1. Who merely counts test-positive case and death figures without asking what these people actually fall ill with or die of?
  2. Who brings headlines such as “21-year-old football coach dies of coronavirus” and only mentions in passing that he had undiagnosed leukaemia?
  3. Who addresses the issue of excess mortality, which is in the normal range for under 65-year-olds in most countries and in the range of a severe flu epidemic for those over 65?
  4. Who points out that up to 60% of all deaths occur in nursing homes that are not  protected any better by a general “lockdown”?
  5. Who verifies if the number of test-positive people is simply rising proportionally to the number of tests, i.e. stays constant in percentage terms?
  6. Who prefers frightening pictures of viruses, protective suits and coffins rather than actual data, facts and background information?
  7. Who discusses the well-known problems with virus test kits in general, and the missing clinical validation of the currently used virus test kit in particular?
  8. Who highlights the problematic role played by the WHO in previous cases, and in this one?
  9. Who is trying to add a political or geopolitical spin to the current situation?
  10. Who is still talking about “biological weapons”, even though this scenario has long been ruled out by hardly spectacular death rates and death profiles?

The bioweapons rumor, which has been launched on every occasion for almost forty years, primarily serves a geopolitical and psychological purpose. (See also: History of Biological Warfare)

Simply put, anyone showing exponential charts of the number of test-positive people and deaths is deceiving you (or has been deceived themselves). Only those asking the real questions are to be trusted in the current situation. And there are not many of them.

Medical and military experts asked by SPR recommend keeping three possible scenarios in mind when analyzing current developments (“the three P’s”):

  1. A pandemic of a dangerous virus
  2. A media-induced mass psychosis
  3. A potential psychological operation

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden already warned that the reported corona crisis is used for a massive expansion of global surveillance and control measures, which will not be dismantled afterwards. The Argentinean virologist Pablo Goldschmidt, who lives in France, speaks of a “global media terror” and “totalitarian measures”.

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