The Media Navigator (2023)

The Media Navigator classifies 72 influential media outlets based on their political stance and their establishment bias. In many cases, the latter is more significant.

The Media Navigator (2023)
The US/UK Media Navigator (click to enlarge)

The Media Navigator has been developed based on an in-depth analysis of news coverage, commentary, media ownership and financing. There is also a German edition available.

Direct links to media outlets

  1. Liberal & close: CNN / The Daily Beast / VICE News / MSNBC / VOX / The Guardian / The Washington Post / Politico / Wikipedia
  2. Liberal & intermediate: The Young TurksMother JonesJacobin / The Intercept / AlterNet / Democracy Now! / The Nation / TruthOut / The Real News Network
  3. Liberal & distant: WSWS / The Canary / The Grayzone / Counterpunch / Declassified UKMint Press News / CovertAction Magazine / Moon of Alabama / offGuardian
  4. Center & closeThe New York TimesCBS News / ABC News / BBC News / The Financial Times / The Hill / TIME Magazine / The Economist / USA Today
  5. Center & distant: Global Research / Unlimited HangoutCorbett Report / The Cradle / Consortium News / Last American Vagabond / 21st Century Wire / The Saker / Voltaire Network
  6. Conservative & close: Wall Street Journal / Telegraph (UK) / Daily Mail / New York Post / Washington Times / Spectator / Fox News / National Review / Washington Examiner
  7. Conservative & intermediate: American Conservative / Epoch Times / UnHerd / Townhall / Daily Wire / Revolver News / Daily Caller / Breitbart News / Gateway Pundit
  8. Conservative & distant: SOTT / Activist Post / Anti War / Zero Hedge / Winter WatchLew Rockwell / The New American / Information LiberationThe Unz Review

Internet search engines

The following internet search engines use their own search index. On many controversial topics, these search engines provide very different suggestions and results. Most other search engines rely on results provided by Microsoft Bing (e.g. DuckDuckGo and Qwant) or Google (e.g. Startpage). To access the full range of media sources, a search engine other than Google has to be used.

1: Google (USA) – 2: Bing (Microsoft) – 3: Yandex (Russian) – 4: Mojeek (British) – 5: Brave (USA) – 6: Petal (Huawei/China) – 7: eTools (Swiss meta search engine). More: The Search Engine Map.

MIT Project: Improve the News

Based in part on the SPR Media Navigator, an MIT research group led by professor Max Tegmark has developed an online app called Improve the News that allows readers to filter and compare news based on the political bias and the establishment bias of media outlets. Their own machine learning algorithm confirmed that these are indeed the two most important dimensions of media bias.

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Last updated: January 2023

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