Covid Vaccine Adverse Events

Post-vaccination deaths reported to the US VAERS system, 1990 to 2021 (OpenVAERS)

Updated: September 2021
: June 2021
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An overview of severe covid vaccine adverse events.

Please note: SPR only covers vaccine-related issues that are of global importance. To study verified case reports of vaccine-related injuries and deaths, see Covid Vaccine Injuries (18+).

A) Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS)

Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) is an auto-immune neurological disease causing muscle weakness and paralysis, usually starting in the feet and hands, with about 20% of people still unable to walk at 6 months, and a fatality rate of about 5% (due to respiratory failure). Back in 1976, the US swine flu vaccination campaign was stopped due to an increased risk of GBS.

In the UK, close to 500 cases of post-vaccination GBS have already been reported (due to under-reporting, the true figure is likely higher); in the US, there are already more than 5000 reported cases of post-vaccination GBS. As with many other covid vaccine adverse events, GBS may affect people at low risk of severe covid (e.g. students), or even people who already had covid.

The following video shows a woman affected by post-vaccination GBS and convulsions (more):

B) Menstrual disorders, miscarriages, birth defects

US authorities have argued that covid vaccines “appear to be completely safe for pregnant women” (NIH) and “are thought not to be a risk to lactating people or their breastfeeding babies” (CDC). However, the US VAERS system counts already close to 2,000 post-vaccination miscarriages, and it has been known since March that covid  vaccines, or the spike protein they produce, may get into breast milk and sicken or kill a baby (e.g. by causing internal bleeding or allergic reactions).

In addition, by September 2021, more than 30,000 British women had reported post-vaccination menstrual disorders, such as excessive bleeding, and some first cases of possible post-vaccination birth defects (such as cardiac anomalies) have also been reported. Regarding female fertility, it is too early to know if covid vaccines might have any impact.

A breastfeeding baby with fatal internal bleeding (more)

C) Heart inflammation, heart attacks, cardiac arrest

Back in March, SPR first covered a “murky wave of heart attacks” and an increase in post-vaccination all-cause mortality in Israel. In early June, Israel confirmed that mRNA vaccines may cause heart inflammation and heart attacks, especially in young people. On June 11, the US CDC announced an “emergency meeting” to discuss post-vaccination heart inflammation in young people.

Post-vaccination myocarditis may also affect athletes and may lead to sudden cardiac arrest. For instance, the cardiac arrest of Danish soccer player Christian Eriksen may have been due to vaccination (a club manager denied this, but there is still no confirmation by Eriksen or his physicians). Several other young athletes collapsed shortly after vaccination.

According to a US study, in healthy male adolescents the risk of post-vaccination myocarditis is about five times higher than the risk of covid hospitalization. In the Canadian province of Ontario, more than 100 youth were sent to hospital for vaccine-related heart problems. In both Israel and the United States, post-vaccination all-cause mortality in young adults has increased significantly.

Vaccine-induced heart muscle inflammation in adolescents (more)

D) Blood clots and strokes

Blood clots, cerebral venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism continue to be major vaccine adverse events, especially after adenovector covid vaccines (AstraZeneca, Johnson&Johnson). Several countries have already stopped the use of adenovector vaccines altogether or in non-senior citizens. Most recently, Italy took this decision, too, after several young women died.

Life-threatening blood clots have also affected athletes; notable examples include a US elite runner and a professional basketball player in Germany, who required emergency brain surgery. A 44-year-old BBC moderator died due to blood clots and cerebral bleeding caused by the AstraZeneca vaccine. Several cases of leg amputations due to vaccine-induced blood clots have also been reported.

Of note, the risk of blood clots may significantly increase during air travel. British Airways confirmed the death of three of their pilots, aged 30 to 55, shortly after vaccination with AstraZeneca.

Leg amputation due to vaccine-induced blood clots (more)

Brain MRI of a vaccine-induced cerebral sinus venous thrombosis and cerebral hemorrhage (brain bleed) in a 32-year-old woman (more):

Brain MRI of a vaccine-induced cerebral sinus venous thrombosis in a 32-year-old woman (more)

E) Severe skin reactions

Severe skin reactions have been reported quite frequently after covid vaccinations. Such reactions may be due to an immune response affecting blood vessels in the skin (eryhtema multiforme), or due to a vaccine-induced bleeding disorder (thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura).

A severe, vaccine-related skin reaction (more)

F) Eye disorders and blindness

Covid vaccines may lead to bleeding or inflammation in the eyes and, in severe cases, to blindness. In the UK, several hundred cases of post-vaccination blindness have been reported. In the US, about 1,500 reports to the VAERS system mention post-vaccination blindness.

Vaccine-induced bleeding in the eye (more)

G) Bell’s palsy (facial paralysis)

Bell’s palsy is a unilateral facial paralysis that may last for up to six months. By September 2021, about 8,000 cases of post-vaccination Bell’s palsy had been reported to the US VAERS system, but the real number of cases is likely in the tens of thousands.

Video of a woman affected by post-vaccination Bell’s palsy (more):

H) Shingles and other virus reactivations

Reports of post-vaccination shingles (i.e. varicella zoster virus reactivation) have been quite frequent: by August 2021, about 8,000 cases of post-vaccination shingles had been reported to the US VAERS system (the true figure may be close to 100,000). Varicella zoster virus reactivation may occur due to temporary vaccine-induced immune suppression; about 20% of shingles patients develop a type of long-lasting neurological pain called postherpetic neuralgia (PHN).

The vaccine-induced reactivation of other latent virus infections, including human papilloma virus (HPV) and Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), has also been reported.

See also: Shots and shingles: What do they tell us? (Doctors for Covid Ethics)

A severe case of shingles (more)

J) Tinnitus, hearing loss, dizziness and vertigo

New onset of tinnitus is a rather frequently reported adverse event of covid vaccines: by August 2021, more than 10,000 cases of post-vaccination tinnitus had been reported to the US VAERS system. In addition, several thousand cases of deafness or sudden hearing loss have been reported.

Of note, the Johnson & Johnson covid vaccine clinical trial had already included six cases of post-vaccination tinnitus, but the US FDA later ruled that they were ‘unrelated to the shot’.

In general, tinnitus may be caused by neuro-inflammation or blood vessel disorders, such as endothelial dysfunction. This may explain how covid vaccines, which produce the coronavirus spike protein, can trigger temporary or even permanent tinnitus.

In addition to tinnitus, there are also numerous reports of post-vaccination dizziness and vertigo, which may be due to immune reactions affecting the vestibular system in the inner ear.

A case of tinnitus caused by a covid mRNA vaccine (more)

K) Anaphylactic shock

Covid vaccinations can cause a potentially life-threatening anaphylactic (allergic) shock. People affected by an anaphylactic shock typically collapse shortly after vaccination. According to some estimates, anaphylactic shocks after covid vaccines are about 100 times more frequent than after other vaccines (one in ten thousand versus one in a million).

Video of an anaphylactic shock immediately after covid vaccination (more):

L) Cancer [preliminary evidence]

There are increasing reports, both by patients and by doctors, of newly discovered cancer or of a rapid growth of previously known but stable cancer in the days or weeks after covid vaccination. Some of these cases are certainly unrelated to the vaccination. However, it is well established that covid vaccines may cause a temporary lymphocyte immune suppression, which in turn might influence cancer growth (similar to the reactivation of varicella zoster virus, described above).

Video: Clinical pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole describes a post-vaccination increase in certain types of cancer. Some of these cases might be due to delayed diagnosis during lockdowns. (HFI, 08/21)

M) Multiple sclerosis and other neuro-degenerative diseases

Several reports by doctors and published case studies suggest that covid vaccinations may trigger new-onset multiple sclerosis or an acute multiple sclerosis relapse, as well as other auto-immune neuro-degenerative conditions, typically within days of vaccination.

Image: Post-vaccination MS brain lesions in a previously healthy 26-year-old woman (more):

Post-vaccination MS brain lesions in a 26-year-old woman (more)

N) Appendicitis

By August 2021, post-vaccination appendicitis has been mentioned in about 1,000 reports to the US VAERS system. According to the US CDC, “the most common serious adverse events in the vaccine [trial] group which were numerically higher than in the placebo group were appendicitis, acute myocardial infarction, and cerebrovascular accident.” Appendicitis might occur due to vaccine-induced immune suppression or due to vaccine-induced mesenteric venous micro-thrombosis.

Case reports

To study verified case reports of vaccine-related deaths and injuries, see:

To study cases of vaccine skeptics dying of covid, see “Sorry Antivaxxer”.

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