The failure of “vaccine passports”

The status of “vaccine passports” in the US (Technology Review)

Published: July 5, 2021

With vaccine effectiveness down to just 60%, the case for “vaccine passports” implodes.

SPR and some other independent expert groups warned early on that from a medical perspective, “vaccine passports” – promoted by Bill Gates and his ID2020 alliance – are doomed to fail, simply because covid vaccines cannot achieve sterilizing immunity (i.e. they cannot prevent infection and infectiousness), especially not against new coronavirus variants.

New data from Israel now confirms that the effectiveness of mRNA vaccines against infection and even against mild symptoms caused by the Indian variant has already dropped to just 64%, while effectiveness against severe disease remains above 90%. The effectiveness of DNA adenovector vaccines like AstraZeneca is likely already below 60% (against infections).

(Update: By July, vaccine protection against infection dropped below 20%).

In a particularly remarkable case, a vaccinated Israeli caught the Indian variant in London, infected another vaccinated person in Israel, who infected another vaccinated person, who infected about 80 students at a high school party. In all likelihood, most of these transmissions occurred pre-symptomatically, i.e. without people knowing they were infected and infectious.

As the above map shows, many US states have already banned “vaccine passports”, though people may still require them for international travel. In the UK, the situation remains somewhat uncertain, whereas the EU and several Asian countries remain determined to implement their “vaccine passport” schemes. Israel phased out its “green pass” in June, but there are talks of “reactivating” it.

After face masks, lockdowns and “contact tracing apps” (inserted into three billion mobile phones by Google and Apple), “vaccine passports” are yet another major “failure” in the international response to the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, the goal should be to achieve vaccine protection against severe disease in the high-risk group, avoid vaccine casualties in the low-risk group, and make progress in the research and use of effective and affordable early treatment options.

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