A Covid-19 Strategy

Published: July 17, 2020; Languages: DE, EN
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To beat Covid-19, governments must drop ineffective strategies – including mass testing and tracing, mandatory face masks, lockdowns, or waiting for a hypothetical and experimental vaccine – and instead adopt an early treatment and prophylaxis strategy for people at high risk or high exposure.

This applies both to high-prevalence countries such as the US and to low-prevalence countries such as Germany. Lockdowns during an infection wave, in particular, are the worst possible approach as they isolate infected high-risk people until they develop serious respiratory problems.

Leading doctors from the US, Europe and Asia have reported striking success with early interventions based on zinc-chloroquine and zinc-quercetin combination protocols, including dramatic reductions in hospitalization and mortality rates and improvements in the condition of patients within hours.

The effectiveness of chloroquine against coronaviruses was discovered already back in 2005 in the wake of SARS-1. The fact that zinc blocks coronavirus RNA replication was discovered in 2010 by world-leading SARS virologist Ralph Baric. The fact that chloroquine and quercetin support cellular zinc uptake was discovered in 2014 in the context of cancer and virology research.

The alleged or actual negative results with chloroquine in some studies were based on delayed use (intensive care patients), excessive doses (up to 2400mg per day), manipulated data sets (the Surgisphere scandal), or ignored contraindications (e.g., favism or heart problems).

The lethality of Covid-19 is much lower than initially assumed – most people develop mild symptoms at most – but people at high risk or high exposure need early or prophylactic treatment.

In a recent two-part interview, US primary care physician Dr. Zev Zelenko, who has successfully treated more than 2000 Covid-19 patients, explained that further ignoring this simple and effective protocol, whether for political or for commercial reasons, would be a crime against humanity.

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Note: Patients are asked to consult a doctor.

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