The latest on covid vaccine adverse events

USA: Reported post-vaccination deaths, 1990 to 2021 (OpenVAERS)

Published: June 16, 2021 (upd.)

The latest on covid vaccine adverse events.

Please note: SPR only covers vaccine-related issues that are of global importance. To study verified case reports of vaccine-related injuries and deaths, see Covid Vaccine Injuries (18+).

A) Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS)

On June 9, SPR highlighted increased rates of post-vaccination Guillain-BarrĂ© syndrome (an auto-immune neurological disease causing paralysis). Just one day later, the German Paul Ehrlich Institute, which monitors vaccine safety, confirmed that GBS occurred “at an increased rate” and might constitute a “new risk signal” (after AstraZeneca, in particular). US authorities have not yet responded, but SPR estimates that there are already several hundred cases of post-vaccination GBS in the United States alone. As with many other covid vaccine adverse events, GBS may affect people at low risk of severe covid (e.g. students), or even people who already had covid.

Update: In the UK alone, more than 300 cases of post-vaccination GBS have already been reported.

A mother with post-vaccination Guillain-Barré syndrome (more)

B) Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers

US authorities have argued that covid vaccines “appear to be completely safe for pregnant women” (NIH) and “are thought not to be a risk to lactating people or their breastfeeding babies” (CDC). But these assessments may be questionable: The US VAERS system counts already 650 post-vaccination miscarriages, and it has been known since March that covid mRNA vaccines, or the coronavirus spike protein they produce, may get into breast milk and thus enter, sicken and kill a baby (18+).

Update: According to the Sunday Times, several thousand British women have reported post-vaccination menstrual disorders, such as excessive bleeding.

A breastfeeding baby with fatal internal bleeding (more)

C) Heart muscle inflammation and heart attacks

Back in March, SPR first covered a “murky wave of heart attacks” and an increase in post-vaccination all-cause mortality in Israel. In early June, Israel confirmed that mRNA vaccines may cause heart inflammation and heart attacks, especially in young people (in whom it is more unusual and harder to ignore, at any rate). On June 11, the US CDC announced an “emergency meeting” to discuss post-vaccination heart inflammation in young people (young males, in particular).

Post-vaccination myocarditis may also affect athletes and may lead to sudden cardiac arrest. Most recently, it has been speculated if the cardiac arrest of Danish soccer player Christian Eriksen (18+) may have been due to vaccination (i.e. if he recently got vaccinated). A club manager of Inter Milan denied this, but there is still no confirmation by Eriksen or his physicians.

In Italy, ten days after the Pfizer vaccine was authorized for children 12+, a 12-year-old tennis prodigy died at home due to a “sudden illness”, with no medical cause given. In both Israel and the United States, post-vaccination mortality in young adults has reached record levels (see charts below).

Vaccine-induced heart muscle inflammation in adolescents (more)

D) Blood clots

Blood clots, cerebral venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism continue to be major vaccine adverse events, especially after adenovector covid vaccines (AstraZeneca, Johnson&Johnson). Several countries have already stopped the use of adenovector vaccines altogether or in non-senior citizens. Most recently, Italy took this decision, too, after several young women died.

Regarding children, some countries have granted an “emergency use authorization” for the use of covid vaccines in children 12+ (e.g. Italy and the US), while some other countries have advised against the vaccination of children (e.g. Germany and the UK), typically over safety concerns.

Life-threatening blood clots may also affect athletes, such as, most recently, a US elite runner and a professional basketball player in Germany (who required emergency brain surgery). A 44-year-old BBC moderator died due to blood clots and cerebral bleeding caused by the AstraZeneca vaccine. Several cases of leg amputations due to vaccine-induced blood clots have also been reported.

Update: British Airways confirmed that three of their pilots, aged between 30 and 55, died shortly after vaccination with AstraZeneca. Air travel can increase the risk of thrombosis.

Leg amputation due to vaccine-induced blood clots (more)

E) Vaccine effectiveness

Despite the very serious vaccine adverse events described above, it should be noted that experimental covid vaccines continue to be very effective against severe covid and have already saved tens of thousands of lives.

The chart below shows weekly hospitalizations by age group in Germany during the winter and spring waves. In age group 35 to 59 (purple), hospitalizations during the spring wave reached the levels of the winter wave, whereas in age groups 60 to 79 (blue) and especially 80+ (orange), who were first to get vaccinated, hospitalizations remained at a significantly lower level.

Germany: Hospitalization rates by age group (RKI)

Video: Long-term health issues after covid vaccination

People with long-term health issues after covid vaccination (Covid Vaccine Reactions). A Facebook group called “Covid Vaccine Victims” had 120,000 members, before it got shut down by Facebook.

Video: How covid vaccines got approved

“Hearing without listening”: At FDA hearing on coronavirus vaccine, the chair cut off questions and limited debate. (One minute video, The Defender)

Post-vaccination increase in mortality

Both in Israel and the United States, there has been significant post-vaccination excess mortality in all age groups. In young adults, mortality has reached record levels.

Israel 65+:

All-cause deaths 65+, previous 7 days (Source: Israeli CBS)

Israel 20 to 29:

Israel: All-cause deaths, 20-29 years, February to May, 2015 to 2021 (TP/CBS)

USA 0 to 24 and 25 to 44:

USA: Increase in all-cause mortality in age groups 0-24 and 25-44 (

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