Covid vaccination versus viral challenge in low-risk children and young adults

‘Chopped up’: In vitro heart muscle cell damage (right) caused by Sars-CoV-2 spike protein (Gladstone)

Published: June 22, 2021 (upd.)
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Given the risks of covid vaccines, health authorities may want to consider the possibility of voluntary, medically supervised viral challenges in low-risk children and young adults.

Based on current evidence, covid vaccines are expected to kill or severely injure thousands of healthy European and American children and young adults. Given that the risk associated with an actual coronavirus infection is rather low in healthy children and young adults, health authorities may want to consider the possibility of voluntary, medically supervised viral challenges. Such controlled viral challenges have already been performed in Britain as part of covid vaccine and medication trials.

It has been known since August 2020 that Sars-CoV-2 can seriously damage heart muscle cells (see image above) – but in the general population, this has been observed only very rarely, probably because the inhaled virus is usually getting neutralized rather quickly and the infection hardly ever reaches the heart. In contrast, by directly injecting spike-protein producing RNA or DNA vaccines, the risk of cardiovascular injuries in healthy young people might increase significantly. (1)

Just last week, for instance, the parents of a healthy 32-year-old NBC and CBS employee spoke out, after their son had died of a sudden cardiac arrest less than 24 hours after DNA vaccination; a healthy 13-year old boy died of heart failure shortly after his second RNA vaccination; a 19-year-old athlete, who shook off mild covid in 2020, developed myocarditis shortly after his vaccination; and an 18-year-old athlete suffered a heart attack 48 hours after RNA vaccination. (2)

Case reports: Covid Vaccine Injuries (Telegram Web, 18+)

(1) As a cardiologist put it on Twitter: “How ironic that the largely fake covid myocarditis is being supplanted by the likely real covid-vaccine myocarditis.” (flagged as ‘misleading’, later deleted)

(2) British Airways confirmed the death of three healthy pilots, aged between 30 and 55, shortly after AstraZeneca vaccination, which may have been due to blood clots, aggravated by air travel.

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