Can Covid Vaccinations Drive Covid Deaths?

Vaccination leaders: Daily deaths not decreasing since January (OWD)

Published: Februar 16, 2021 (upd.)

A British author has noted that while covid infections and deaths have declined sharply in most countries since the beginning of the year, countries with some of the highest vaccination rates have seen much slower declines or, in some cases, even increases in infections and deaths. Examples include Israel, Gibraltar, the Seychelles, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Bahrein, Serbia, Chile, Malta, and Monaco (see cumulative chart above; the curves should have leveled off).

In the best case, this correlation is simply coincidental. In the worst case, vaccines might, theoretically, have something to do with it. But there is a third possible explanation: the process of mass vaccination – with millions of high-risk people visiting vaccination centers, or being visited by mobile vaccination teams, e.g. in nursing homes – might accelerate infections, and ultimately deaths, in high-risk groups, before full vaccine protection becomes effective.

Indeed, several countries have reported large covid outbreaks in nursing homes shortly after residents had received their first or even second vaccine doses.

(Update: An additional explanation might be behavioral changes in recently vaccinated people, e.g. partially vaccinated people increasing their contacts.)

The obvious solution to reduce this danger is to put high-risk groups on ivermectin-based prophylaxis until they are fully vaccinated. But apparently, most Western health authorities want to prevent this at all costs, perhaps fearing that it might question their vaccination campaign.

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