How to Follow the Ukraine War

American M777 howitzers used by the Ukrainian army (Ukraine Now)

Published: May 2022 (upd.)
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How to bypass official propaganda and disinformation.

The Ukraine war is the second major war since the beginning of the mobile internet age (the first one was and is the Syria war). Because of this, even regular citizens can completely bypass traditional news outlets – which on both sides of the war provide almost only propaganda and disinformation – and access on-the-ground war footage and analysis directly and in real-time.

While most US social media platforms (and even search engines) tend to censor channels that are not compliant with US/NATO war policy, the more decentralized Telegram platform continues to provide reliable access to uncensored war-related content. The following brief overview lists some of the leading English and German channels covering the Ukraine war (18+, may show war deaths).

Ukrainian/Western perspective

Russian perspective

Western journalists in Ukraine (Russian side)

German channels (Russian perspective)


(*) Sanctioned by Britain; (**) Sanctioned by Germany; (***) Sanctioned by the US.


To bypass online censorship and restrictions, see Advanced Online Media Use.

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