The Byline Times about SPR

Published: August 28, 2022

The British Byline Times last week published a new investigative article about Swiss Policy Research. The article reveals how SPR, while “claiming to expose geopolitical propaganda”, seems in fact “more intent on spreading it.”

To read a brief fact check of the Byline Times article, see below. To learn more about the well-connected British academic quoted in the article, see here. To read more negative reviews of SPR, see here (in English) and here (in German).

Byline Times: Online Propaganda: A Gateway into the ‘Pro Russian Ecosystem’

Fact check of the Byline Times article

On Julian Assange: Assange in 2018 shared our CFR media diagram, not the Media Navigator; Swiss historian Daniele Ganser referred to the Media Navigator, not the CFR media diagram.

On the Browder/Magnitsky case: Magnitsky was neither a “tax lawyer” nor did he “investigate tax fraud”; rather, he was an accountant and accused of participating in tax fraud. (more)

On the Biden/Ukraine documentary: SPR didn’t publish the documentary “just before the 2020 US election”, but almost one month after the election (on November 28). (more)

On the 2016 DNC data hack/leak: In 2017, CrowdStrike President Shawn Henry acknowledged under oath that there was no proof of a Russian hack against the DNC. (more)

On US sanctions: While the US government claims Ukrainian politician Derkach (who revealed the Biden/Ukraine tapes) and website SouthFront (which covers the wars in Syria and Ukraine) are “Russian intelligence assets”, it hasn’t yet provided any evidence to support these allegations.

On coronavirus: Indeed, the novel coronavirus almost certainly emerged from a lab, face masks and social distancing didn’t work, and vaccines in certain cases may increase deaths. (more)

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