The “Integrity Initiative”

The logos of NATO, the Integrity Initiative, and British Foreign Office (Grayzone)

Updated: August 2022
Published: December 2018
Languages: English, German

The secretive British “Integrity Initiative”: one of the biggest intelligence revelations since Edward Snowden, yet almost completely ignored by Western media. An overview.

According to hacked internal documents, the British “Integrity Initiative” operates an international, covert network of intelligence officers, military officers, politicians, journalists and academics who coordinate extensive and mostly anti-Russian media campaigns.

The initiative is financed mainly by the British Foreign Office, the US State Department and NATO, but also, occasionally, by Facebook and German entities. The official slogan of the covert initiative is “Defending Democracy Against Disinformation”.

The “Integrity Initiative” links key actors in several high-profile campaigns, including the unsolved Skripal case, alleged poison gas attacks in Syria, the discrediting of former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, the successful prevention of a Spanish security director, the disruption of Bernie Sanders’ presidential election campaign, and other operations.

In more than a dozen countries, national “clusters” had already been set up by the “Integrity Initiative”. In Germany, for example, the national “cluster” was (or is) led by a former MI6 officer.

In view of the parliamentary elections in 2019, the Swiss cluster was to be coordinated by the Deputy Director of a Geneva security centre, who had previously served as a NATO advisor and officer in the British army. The security centre is co-financed by the Swiss government.

To this day, most established media have never reported on the “Integrity Initiative”.

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