The Moon Landing Debate

Astronaut John Young, Apollo 16 mission, 1972 (NASA)

Published: July 2022
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Did the United States send men to the moon? Watch the best skeptical documentary on the moon landing question and read the best counterarguments to that documentary.

1) Documentary: American Moon (2017)

A documentary by Italian filmmaker Massimo Mazzucco (210 minutes; website; backup).

2) Counterarguments to the Documentary

3) Additional Resources


Additional articles on technical, historical and political aspects.


Skeptics argue that lunar gravity was simulated using monofilament wire suspension and variable frame rates (i.e. dynamic slow-motion), but that some scenes reveal Earth gravity. Furthermore, skeptics argue that some scenes reveal sound transmission, despite the lack of a lunar atmosphere.

Soviet space program

Prior to the Apollo moon missions, leading American scientists and engineers suspected that the Soviets partially faked their pioneering manned space missions, including the first “space walk” and the first manned orbital space flight, as documented in a 1966 issue of Science and Mechanics.

Screenshots from “American Moon”


“The simulations were so real that no controller could discern the difference between the training and the real mission.” (Apollo Flight Director Gene Kranz, Failure Is Not an Option, 2003)

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