Seven Tips on Media Use

Seven tips for the professional handling of media.

1. Use different media

Use media with different political and geopolitical orientations and compare the different views on a topic in order to form your own well-founded opinion.

SPR tip: For important topics, check the sources and original documents yourself.

2. End subscriptions to propaganda media

Terminate subscriptions to predominantly propagandistic media. Instead, support independent and critical journalism within the scope of your possibilities.

SPR tip: Use the SPR propaganda key to detect manipulative media.

3. Use advertising and tracking blockers

Use an advertising and tracking blocker on all devices and in all browsers. Only disable it on media sites that you trust and that you want to support with advertisements.

SPR tip: Do not use the Internet without advertising and tracking blockers.

4. Use alternatives to Google search

The search results and search suggestions of Google are heavily manipulated. Therefore, use an independent alternative to the Google search engine on all devices (including mobile).

The video platform YouTube (and its search function), which belongs to Google, is also heavily manipulated and censored. Therefore, check independent platforms here as well (more).

SPR tip: Every search engine is better than Google. Try for example DuckDuckGo.

5. Use alternatives to Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter are heavily censored and manipulated on political and geopolitical issues. Here too, you can use or check independent platforms (more).

The notifications and “timelines” of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are also often heavily manipulated. Instead, follow the desired authors and media directly via RSS.

SPR tip: You can also subscribe to Youtube channels via RSS (no login required).

6. Caution with Wikipedia

Wikipedia is heavily manipulated by political and commercial interest groups and should therefore not be used at all or only with great caution when dealing with sensitive topics.

SPR tip: Check the sources, authors and discussion page of Wikipedia articles.

7. Use a suitable web browser

Avoid the common Google Chrome browser and instead use an independent browser that doesn’t track you when you use the Internet and media.

SPR tip: Use a VPN service to protect yourself from censorship and monitoring.

Inform friends and family

Inform friends and family about the risks of manipulative media, search engines, platforms and web browsers and recommend independent alternatives.

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Published: July 2020

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