[Preview] Ukraine: Atrocity Propaganda

Mariupol maternity hospital (AP)

Published: April 6, 2022 (upd.)

Based on currently available evidence, SPR can confirm that the alleged Russian bombings of the Mariupol maternity hospital and the Mariupol drama theater as well as the alleged Russian massacre in Bucha near Kiev were NATO/Ukrainian atrocity propaganda operations.

In Bucha, for instance, the bodies in the streets were victims of Ukrainian shelling in late March (during Russian occupation and retreat) and victims of subsequent Ukrainian executions of “collaborators” (hence the white armbands, a sign of non-combatant status during Russian occupation). The mass grave near the Bucha church contained victims – both military and civilian – of the initial Russian military offensive and of subsequent Ukrainian counterattacks.

A detailed photographic analysis of these and other events will follow shortly.

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