Geopolitics and Pedocriminality

Updated: January 2021
Published: January 2019
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The following article offers an overview and references regarding the topic of organized pedocriminality in the context of geopolitics, elite management, and the Western media system.

Note: No active reading recommendation; only intended for people who (want to) deal with this topic anyway. Not suitable for minors and sensitive persons.


Geopolitical power structures require effective management instruments. One of the most effective management instruments has always been blackmail, and the ultimate form of blackmail, especially in Western countries, is based on involvement in pedocriminality.

As the following overview shows, various court trials and victim testimonies, but also sabotaged investigations and murdered witnesses, point to a potentially influential role of pedocriminal power-political elite networks in Europe and the USA.

In the case of Italy, for example, it has been documented that the former Italian military secret service SIFAR compiled over 150,000 dossiers on “irregular behaviour” on behalf of the CIA, which enabled it to blackmail and control Italy’s social and political elite for decades.

With the exception of a few cases (see below), established Western media hardly report on this topic in a timely and investigative manner. It should be borne in mind, however, that these media are usually embedded in the very same geopolitical power structures as the suspects themselves.

For instance, a suspect identified by several Belgian witnesses was Vice-President of the European Commission and Chairman and later Honorary President of the prestigious Bilderberg Conference, to which Western elites in politics, business, the military and the media are invited.

Another suspect identified by Belgian witnesses prevented the investigation of terrorist attacks as Belgian Minister of Justice and in 1992 ordered the early release of pedocriminal Marc Dutroux; later the man became judge and Advocate General at the European Court of Justice.

A later NATO Secretary General was also identified as a participant by a Belgian witness. These and many other high-level personalities have never been prosecuted.

In many cases, children’s homes or child welfare organisations have directly or indirectly been involved in pedocriminal networks; in other cases, the children were recruited from problem families or procured by kidnapping. Some of these children were ultimately murdered.

While from a societal point of view, people of integrity are desirable as elites, from a power-political point of view, on the contrary, corruptible and blackmailable persons are in demand. This results in a fundamental contradiction with far-reaching consequences.

1. Belgium/Europe

One of the best known cases of organized pedocrime is the Dutroux case of the 1980s and 1990s. This case, however, is not so much about Dutroux himself – who may have acted mainly as a ‘supplier’ – as it is about the fact that both Dutroux and various witnesses described a pedocriminal network that included or still includes significant parts of the Belgian elite and aristocracy. Many of these statements could at least partially be verified. At the same time, around two dozen witnesses involved in the Dutroux trial died under often questionable circumstances. Due to their numerous connections, the Dutroux case and the Belgian witness files undoubtedly have a pan-European significance.

Articles and analyses
  • Beyond the Dutroux Affair: the X-Dossiers (ISGP, 2007) The standard text on the Dutroux case, the so-called X-Dossiers (witness files), and the power-political background. (18+)
  • ISGP Child Abuse Research Center (ISGP, 2007) Further ISGP analyses of the Dutroux case and pedocriminal power-political elite networks in general. (18+)
  • On the trail of the lost children. (Welt, 2015) In 1996, child molester Dutroux shocked the world. He was probably part of a network with connections in high places. Many of those involved in the case died in mysterious circumstances.
  • Why the Dutroux case does not let go of Belgium (Welt, 2016) In the Dutroux case, former investigators are making serious accusations: numerous leads have not been followed up. One question in particular remains unsolved to this day: was the child murderer part of a network or a lone perpetrator? The case shook the confidence of the Belgians because the state had not followed up traces of a network.
  • Dutroux: In the network of dossiers (Spiegel, 2001) “This is the Belgian disease: everyone has an incriminating dossier on everyone else in order to use it as leverage when the opportunity arises”
  • Marc Dutroux and his connections to Germany (ON, 2019) In 2015 the father of the killed Eefje Lambreck said in an interviewhe was aware that there was a problem with the EntfĂŒhrung and Ei’m sure that the murder of his daughter “leaves many traces in Germany”
  • Did Marc Dutroux work for the Stasi? (Aachener Zeitung, 2003) The Ministry for State Security (MfS) is said to have blackmailed influential personalities in Western Europe with child pornography. () The US secret service had secured material about the MfS’ espionage department at the turn of the century. Because of the explosive information it contains, including information about Western European politicians, only secret services are allowed to view the reports – filtered by the CIA – until today.
  • Child murderer Marc Dutroux demands release. Witness reported “rich and powerful men” who killed children at sex parties. (Epoch Times, 2018) The Dutroux case shook Belgium to its foundations and has not been solved to date.
  • The Great Dutroux Report: Networks, Names, Connections (ON, 2020) This compendium is a comprehensive summary of the history of the Belgian paedophile network, which initially became known as the Pink Ballet and later the Dutroux Network. It contains a chronological compilation of events from the late 1970s to the present.
Anneke Lucas

The Belgian Anneke Lucas, who now lives in New York, went public in 2016 and reported that she had been abused as a six to twelve-year-old girl in European elite pedocriminal networks in the 1970s. As the main figure of the network she identified one of the richest and most powerful man in the world at the time, who died in 2017. Her statements are detailed and generally plausible, but in contrast to the statements of the Dutroux witnesses, they have not been recorded or verified by the police and should be treated with appropriate caution.

  • Video: Anneke Lucas: I Was a Sex Slave to Europe’s Elite at Age 6 (RWRS, Interview, 2016)
  • Video: Continuation of the interview with Anneke Lucas (RWRS, 2018): Part 1; Part 2; Part 3
  • Belgian paedophile victim unpacks: “I met politicians, VIPs and heads of state” (ET, 2017) 53-year-old Anneke Lucas tells how she experienced rape and torture as a child for five years: She was a victim of that notorious Belgian child molester network that became known in the 1990s through the “Dutroux case” but was never completely exposed. Nobles, politicians and VIPs were involved in the crimes, says Lucas, who survived only by luck.
  • Text: A Little Spy (Anneke Lucas, 2018, Archive) “I do know that I was transported quite often to Germany that year as the newly minted sex slave to the elite, and also for refinement of my training in the dirty lab. I was given to some top politicians.”
  • Text: The Cage (Anneke Lucas, 2019) “After being taken back to Belgium at the end of the summer of 1972, I was often driven back and forth to Germany by handlers of the Belgian network, to spend time in the company of a former German chancellor
  • The website of Anneke Lucas with further texts by her.
Marc Dutroux (right) in 2000

2. Great Britain

In the UK, from 2012 onwards, numerous revelations exposed the existence of an extensive pedocriminal network that had been operating for decades and included and possibly still includes significant sections of the British elite, with links to the British royal family, several governments, parliament, the judiciary, police, intelligence services and the media. Among the most significant cases are the Westminster dossier, the Kincora scandal, and former BBC star presenter Jimmy Savile, who had contacts in the highest circles and abused several hundred children.

Jimmy Savile

BBC star presenter Jimmy Savile was knighted by the Queen of England in 1990 for his “social commitment”. In the same year he was awarded the Papal Order of St. Gregory for his services to the Roman Catholic Church. Savile had personal contacts with several British prime ministers, including Thatcher and Blair.

Secret service involvement
Further information
  • British link to ‘snuff’ videos (Guardian, 2000) Britain is a key link in the biggest ever international investigation into the production and supply of paedophile ‘snuff’ movies – in which children are murdered on film – an Observer investigation can reveal.
  • Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal (Wikipedia) The Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal consisted of the organised child sexual abuse that occurred in the northern English town of Rotherham, South Yorkshire from the late 1980s until the 2010s and the failure of local authorities to act on reports of the abuse throughout most of that period.
  • Kincora Boys’ Home Scandal (Wikipedia) The Kincora Boys’ Home was a boys’ home in Belfast, Northern Ireland that was the scene of serious organised child sexual abuse, causing a scandal and attempted cover-up in 1980, with allegations of state collusion.
  • Elm Guest House abuse scandal (Mirror, 2015)
  • The UK VIP Paedophile Scandal (Reddit, 2014) A collection of around 150 media reports.

Picture gallery of some the VIP contacts of Jimmy Savile

3. United States

In the United States, several elite pedocriminal networks have already been uncovered:

  • As early as the 1980s, the Franklin scandal revealed a nationwide elite pedocriminal network with connections to Washington and the CIA, which procured children from children’s homes and by kidnapping and in some cases murdered them.
  • One well-known case concerns late US billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, whose private island had been visited since the 1990s by US President Clinton, British Prince Andrew and other celebrities. Epstein is said to have hanged himself in prison in 2019. According to research and witness statements, Epstein was in contact with Israeli and American secret services and used his network to blackmail high-ranking persons.
  • Another case concerns Dennis Hastert – formerly Speaker of the House and thus formally the third highest ranking politician in the USA – who, according to an FBI whistleblower, was blackmailed by domestic and foreign actors because of his pedocriminal past.
  • The so-called “Pizzagate”, which became known in 2016, is a mixture of facts, speculation and misinformation. It is fiction that Hillary Clinton ran a child porn ring in a pizzeria, but it is a fact that there have been several pedophiles in Clinton’s surroundings, some of whom may indeed have links to pedocriminal networks.
  • Other unsolved cases concerning child pornography concern the Pentagon and the NSA.
  • An older case concerns the attempted blackmailing of Martin Luther King by the FBI by means of secret recordings of extramarital affairs (no connection to pedocriminality). The FBI tried to force King to commit suicide, but failed. Later, King was murdered.
Jeffrey Epstein

A. General reports:

B. Reports on intelligence links:

  • The Jeffrey Epstein Scandal: Too Big to Fail (MPN, 2019) The picture painted by the evidence is not a direct Epstein tie to a single intelligence agency but a web linking key members of the Mega Group, politicians, and officials in both the U.S. and Israel, and an organized-crime network with deep business and intelligence ties in both nations.
  • Former Israeli Intel Official Claims Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell Worked for Israel (MPN, 2019) A former high-ranking official in Israeli military intelligence has claimed that Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual blackmail enterprise was an Israel intelligence operation run for the purpose of entrapping powerful individuals and politicians in the United States and abroad.
  • The Blackmail Factory (Zev Shalev, 2019) Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were agents for Israeli Military Intelligence and were running a blackmail operation designed to extort U.S. politicians and public figures, Ben-Menashe claims.
  • Epstein Case: Documentaries Won’t Touch Tales of Intel Ties (Consortium News, 2020) Two new documentaries on the Jeffery Epstein affair delve into lurid details & give voice to his victims, but both scratch the surface of the political & intelligence dimensions of the scandal.

C. The Giuffre dossier:

On the eve of Epstein’s death, some two thousand pages of court files from a trial from 2015 to 2017 were unsealed. They contain statements by Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre about powerful people who abused her. Most media have not or only partially reported on this list. In 2020 a judge ordered the “destruction” of the file.

D. Reports on links with media and science:

E. Original documents:

Franklin Scandal
  • Documentary: Conspiracy of Silence: The Franklin Cover-Up (Discovery Channel, 60 minutes, 1994)
  • Book: The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal (Bryant, 2012) A chilling exposĂ© of corporate corruption and government cover-ups, this account of a nationwide child-trafficking and pedophilia ring in the United States tells a sordid tale of corruption in high places. Implicating businessmen, senators, major media corporations, the CIA, and even the venerable Boys Town organization, this extensively researched report includes firsthand interviews with key witnesses and explores a controversy that has received scant media attention.
  • Victim’s Testimony Reveals Establishment-Connected East Coast Trafficking Network (DM, 2017) The network was said to be comprised of known human traffickers, abusers and producers of child pornography with ties to organized crime who openly associated with prominent political figures, including some who have been accused of indiscretions in the past.
Dennis Hastert
“Pizzagate” (critical analysis)
The Wayfair complex (2020)
Pentagon and NSA
Martin Luther King / FBI
Additional references

Jeffrey Epstein and some of his influential contacts

4. Portugal

In Portugal, the Casa Pia scandal, one of the largest European cases of organised pedocrime, became public in 2002. For decades, children from the Lisbon orphanage Casa Pia were taken to and abused by an elite network of politicians, business people, military and media stars. The court case was dragged out for years, and many of the suspects were ultimately not charged. Another well-known case with a possible pedocriminal background is that of the British girl Maddie McCann, who has been missing in Portugal since her disappearance in 2007.

5. Germany

Already from the Dutroux complex (see above) various traces led to Germany. The Belgian Anneke Lucas also claims to have been “given to” several German politicians in the 1970s. Further links to pedocriminality exist in the so-called “NSU complex”, the so-called “Saxony Swamp”, as well as in the historical environment of the Green Party. Another area with geopolitical blackmail potential is the often opaque GDR/MfS past of some of Germany’s leading politicians.

“NSU Group”

The so-called NSU group allegedly was involved in a series of murders in the Turkish-Kurdish milieu between 2000 to 2006, but there is no direct evidence for this. The alleged suicide of the two protagonists also seems unlikely based on known forensics. On the other hand, there are certain indications that the NSU group may have been connected to a pedocriminal network.

“Saxony swamp”
  • Sachsensumpf: Dangerous Traces (ZEIT, 2012) In Leipzig a chief investigator was put out of action – possibly because he asked the wrong questions in the Saxon red-light and corruption scandal. For there is nothing to reproach him for.
  • Sachsensumpf: Martyrdom of the Forced Prostitutes Mandy Kopp (Welt, 2013) At the age of 16, Mandy Kopp was forced into prostitution. Later she testified in the alleged scandal about the “Sachsensumpf” and ended up in court.
  • “Sachsensumpf” affair: witness raises serious accusations (SĂ€chsische, 2013) The “Sachsensumpf” continues to cause speculation even after years. Even the way the Saxon authorities deal with the accusations themselves becomes twilight. Allegedly many files are said to have disappeared.
  • Video: Child prostitution: Did de Maiziere cover up the involvement of politicians? (ARD, 2007) When Thomas de MaiziĂšre was still a minister in Saxony, the so-called “Saxony Swamp” scandal broke out: judges and lawyers are said to have been filmed during sexual assaults on minors, in order to later have leverage against them. The Office for the Protection of the Constitution is said to have been aware of this and thus Thomas de MaiziĂšre as well.
  • Video: Child abusers: Interview with Saxony Swamp victim Mandy Kopp (CTV, 20 minutes, 2013) What Mandy Kopp experienced as a minor is hard to imagine. She was held prisoner for years and forced into prostitution. Today Mandy Kopp herself is on trial for libel. Her offense: She identified the perpetrators. Among them were real estate agents, lawyers, and even judges and attorneys.
Green Party
  • The suppressed paedophilia scandal among the Greens (Der Westen, 2013) A member of the state executive board of the Greens in NRW, who has since died, is said to have sexually abused two boys in the 1980s. The boys of yesteryear lived in a shared flat in Kamp-Linfort. Once again, the question arises as to how far the Greens are actually involved in paedophile activities.
  • Paedophilia accusation against Greens: Sex offenders coordinated green pederasts (Stern, 2013) Franz Walter, the Göttingen political scientist, is to investigate the paedophilic tendencies of the early Greens. However, more and more frightening details are already becoming known.
  • Pro Familia is deep in the paedophilia scandal (Welt, 2013) The association Pro Familia, which is the leading organisation in Germany dealing with sexuality and family planning, published articles in the 1980s justifying sex between adults and children.
Dutroux Network
Anneke Lucas

The statements of the Belgian Anneke Lucas have not been recorded or verified by the police and should therefore be treated with particular caution.

  • A Little Spy (Anneke Lucas, 2018, Archive) “I do know that I was transported quite often to Germany that year as the newly minted sex slave to the elite, and also for refinement of my training in the dirty lab. I was given to some top politicians.”
  • The Cage (Anneke Lucas, 2019) “After being taken back to Belgium at the end of the summer of 1972, I was often driven back and forth to Germany by handlers of the Belgian network, to spend time in the company of a former German chancellor.”
Additional topics
  • Child pornography: Stasi blackmailed politicians (Welt, 2003) During the reunification, the CIA was able to obtain material about the espionage department of the MfS’s headquarters, Enlightenment. Due to the explosive nature of the information contained therein, including information about Western European politicians, these documents are still withheld from the public. Only secret services were allowed to inspect the reports filtered by the CIA.
  • Berlin abuse scandal: Powerful network of paedophiles reaches far into the authorities (Berliner Zeitung, 2020) For decades, foster children in Berlin were given to sex offenders. Now an expert report confirms this: There have been many supporters and confidants – in youth welfare offices, the administration, the Free University and the Max Planck Institute.
  • Case of abuse in LĂŒgde – evidence disappeared from the police (Spiegel, 2018) During investigations in the case of abuse in LĂŒgde, evidence has apparently disappeared from the police. NRW Interior Minister Reul has appointed special investigators.
  • New shocking details on abuse scandal at Odenwaldschule (Focus, 2019) Several years after abuse cases at the elite boarding school in Heppenheim, Hesse, became known, studies show the extent. Hundreds of pupils had been sexually abused – without consequences for the perpetrators and institutions.
  • International Snuff Film Ring financed from Germany (Oliver Nevermind, 2020)
  • Infoportal Ritual Violence We collect court rulings, scientific papers and current news on the subject of ritual violence and make them publicly available here.
Documentaries on Ritual Abuse

Two documentaries (18+) on ritual abuse and the murder of children.

TV movies “Operation Sugar”

ARD television films from 2012 and 2016 on child trafficking and child abuse in Germany. The films are based on true events.

  • Film: Operation Sugar (ARD, 90 minutes, 2012)
  • Film: Operation Zucker, Part 2: Hunting party (ARD, 90 minutes, 2016)
  • TV movie “Operation Sugar” (Star, 2016) “Nothing in our film is unrealistic. We had to be more careful that there are fictional scenes at all. It’s a mixture of all our stories and research of the last few years,” says Ina Jung, author at Bayerischer Rundfunk. () “Such acts are committed by men who occupy high-ranking positions in our society and who manipulate and blackmail each other with what has happened.”

6. Austria

In Austria, there are both older cases, in which children’s homes cooperated with pedocriminals for decades, and modern abduction cases, such as the case of Natascha Kampusch in particular. Although this case has been presented by the official authorities as an isolated individual case, independent investigations point to an elite pedocriminal network, which could explain the mysterious deaths in the Kampusch investigations: both the kidnapper and the chief investigator were killed.

  • Documentary: Scandal in Austria’s children’s homes – Abused and mistreated (ARD, Doku, 45 Minuten, 2013) Austria’s former children’s homes are suing: In state institutions, minors have apparently been abused and mistreated for decades. Beatings were the order of the day. Boys as well as girls had to be of sexual service to their carers, were “rented” to paedophiles.
Natascha Kampusch
Documentaries on the Kampusch case
Natascha Kampusch and her abductor Wolfgang Priklopil (2008).

7. Switzerland

International networks

According to individual testimonies, there were connections to Switzerland from both Belgian and French child molester networks, but these were never investigated. The Belgian Anneke Lucas (see above) also claims to have been transferred via Switzerland as a child and abused there. For some years now, the association Care About Ritual Abuse (CARA) has been documenting statements made by victims of ritual sexual violence in Switzerland.

Presiding judge of Zurich

Starting in 2017, it became known that investigations against a pedocriminal Zurich court president were sabotaged in the 1980s and 1990s. According to witnesses, the heads of Zurich’s judiciary, public prosecutor’s office, police and politicians were involved in ignoring or covering up the case. Several of those involved were later even promoted, including to the top of the Zurich Education Directorate and the Criminal Investigation Department.

  • Video: How paedophile offences are covered (KlaTV, 2019) At the end of the 1980s, an investigation was conducted against a presumed paedophile court president. But the case was dropped. Another case that proves how the highest circles are involved in child molester networks and how they are covered up. Zurich police officer Peter Mathys in interview.
  • Public prosecutor against public prosecutor (Tagesanzeiger, 2017) From the 1990s onwards, the criminal justice system took the prosecution of paedophilia seriously. Even the chief public prosecutor was investigated.
  • A policeman researches (Migros Magazine, 2017) Hardly had he gone on duty than the young Zurich policeman Peter Mathys learned that an alleged paedophile court president was under investigation. The proceedings are dropped. The case does not let Mathys go: almost 30 years later he reconstructs the case – and writes a thriller about it.
  • See also: Corruption and parties with call girls – Geneva police under fire (Bluewin, 2019) French-speaking Swiss media have brought to light a corruption affair in the Geneva police force. Several police officers are accused of bribery and violation of official secrecy.
“Basel Zodiac”

Another confirmed case of elite pedocriminality in Switzerland is the so-called “Basel Zodiac”, which came to light in 1998. The “Zodiac” was a paedocriminal ring of, among others, academics, lawyers, doctors and businessmen from “the better circles of Basel”, who gave themselves animal names as a cover and abused male prostitutes and under-age boys at sadistic “sex parties” since the 1960s.

International connections to Spain and Thailand were proven, and those to the Belgian Dutroux network were suspected. The background of the Zodiac was never completely uncovered, no charges were brought (among other things because of the statute of limitations) and the case disappeared completely from the media after the summer of 1998.

In recent times, there have been various speculations on the Internet about connections to Swiss federal politics and the P-26 secret army, but no evidence has been found to date.

Fedpol Whistleblower

In 2018, Thomas Walther, the long-standing head of the Coordination Unit for Combating Internet Crime (Kobik) of the Federal Office of Police (Fedpol), went public as a whistleblower. Walther argued that the work of the Kobik, including in the area of child pornography, had been officially obstructed. The Fedpol reacted with a house search and several charges against him, which were all dismissed.

Other cases (without direct connection to elite pedocriminality)

In Switzerland, the practice of so-called “Verdingung” of children existed since the 19th century and until about 1980: “Verdingkinder” were taken away from their biological parents (or given away by them) by the authorities for the purpose of care and education, some of them were auctioned off at “VerdingmĂ€rkte”, and accommodated by interested parties who often used them for forced labour on farms and sometimes abused them. Further cases of long-term, systematic sexual abuse are documented in children’s homes and boarding schools.

  • Verdingung (Wikipedia) In modern Swiss history, Verdingung refers to the external placement of children to provide them with a standard of living and education. Often the children (in fact already disenfranchised by the authorities) were placed with farmers, who usually exploited, maltreated and abused them as cheap labour.
  • Those responsible wanted to cover up everything: Children in Freiburg orphanage sexually abused (Blick, 2016) In the Catholic boarding school Marini in the canton of Freiburg, children were sexually abused from 1929 to 1955. This is the conclusion of a study commissioned by Bishop Charles Morerod. Those responsible covered up the incidents.
  • A dark chapter of Appenzell history (NZZ, 2017) In the Steig children’s home in Appenzell Innerrhoden, children between 1945 and 1984 were physically punished, sometimes excessively, by nuns. Sexual abuse is also said to have taken place in the home. Now the cantonal government has asked the victims to apologize.

Basel Zodiac: FACTS article from 1998 (ZVG)

8. Entertainment industry

In addition to sexual harassment in general, several cases of pedocriminality have been documented in Hollywood and the music industry, so that some observers speak of a systematic problem or an “open secret”. Another phenomenon is the bizarre sex slave cult NXIVM, which was financed by two wealthy Bronfman heiresses.

NXIVM sex slave cult

9. UN & Aid Agencies

Pedocriminal activities have also been documented at the UN and other aid agencies, some of which could be connected to international pedocriminal networks.

10. Additional cases

More cases of international, organised elite paedocriminality.

11. Misinformation

On the subject of elite pedocriminality, various forms of false information can be found on the Internet, which are spread for the purpose of clickbaiting or targeted disinformation. Some of the most well-known examples are listed below.

  • UN Secretary General Guterres: In connection with the migration pact of 2018, it was claimed that UN Secretary General AntĂłnio Guterres was involved in the Portuguese Casa Pia scandal of 2002. This is not true. Guterres resigned as Prime Minister prematurely at the end of 2001, a few months before the scandal became public, due to an election defeat. In the Casa Pia scandal, he was neither accused, nor was he accused by a victim. However, he defended his former Labour Minister, Paulo Pedroso, who was remanded in custody on abuse charges but was not charged.
  • Justin Bieber and Katy Perry had claimed that the music industry was controlled by pedophiles: A 2017 hoax.
  • Stanley Kubrick told Nicole Kidman that pedophiles rule the world: another fake of 2017.
  • “Pizzagate”: The so-called “Pizzagate” of 2016/2017 is a combination of facts, speculation and misinformation, see chapter 3 (above) and the ISGP analysis.
  • The “Dutch banker” Ronald Bernard, as a whistleblower, revealed an elite pedocriminal network: The interviews with “Bernard” were distributed in 2017 in a multi-part series on Youtube. However, there is no evidence whatsoever for the authenticity of the person or the statements he made. A German journalist who contacted “Bernard” reported further inconsistencies.
  • In general, it should be considered that the accusation of pedocriminality can also be used maliciously to deliberately harm innocent people or to destroy them in the media.

12. Information portals

Portals with further information for researchers and affected persons.

Discussion and research groups (no quality control).

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