More covid early treatment successes

Published: October 1, 2020

In recent weeks, several more covid early treatment successes based on zinc, vitamin D and HCQ have been reported:

  • Zinc: A Spanish study presented at the ECCVID conference found that low plasma zinc levels (below 50 mcg/dl) increased the risk of in-hospital covid death by 130%.
  • Vitamin D: A Spanish RCT (randomized controlled trial) found that high-dose vitamin D reduced the risk of requiring intensive care by 96%.
  • HCQ: A Dutch study published in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases found a 53% risk reduction in terms of ICU admission and ventilation of covid patients.
  • HCQ: A US meta-study (preprint) found a 24% risk reduction in covid early treatment.
  • HCQ: A Spanish meta-study (preprint) found a 20% risk reduction in covid prophylaxis.
  • HCQ: A study by the European Heart Rhythm Association found that HCQ is safe for covid patients in every clinical setting (confirming earlier results in malaria and AID treatment).

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The following diagram shows that among high-powered HCQ trials, only the WHO Recovery UK trial – which used lethal overdoses in patients with late-stage covid – found negative results.

WHO Recovery HCQ trial anomaly (CC19C)

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