Children, Covid, and Bromhexine

Published: November 14, 2020

In stark contrast to the flu, children have a very low risk of covid disease and transmission. Children seem to be very efficient in neutralizing the SARS-2 virus with their innate immune system (which is much faster than antibodies); in addition, children have very high rates of pre-existing cross-reactive antibodies due to previous infections with other coronaviruses.

New research now has discovered a third very important aspect: children have a much lower expression of a cellular enzyme called TMPRSS2, which is used by the SARS-2 virus to gain entry into cells. TMPRSS2 expression increases with age and with testosterone levels, which may very well explain why elderly males are at such a high risk of severe covid.

While adults cannot turn into children again, they can still reduce TMPRSS2 expression, and the easiest way to do this is a simple over-the-counter cough medication called bromhexine. An Iranian bromhexine covid trial managed to reduce intensive care by 82% and deaths by 100%.

It is for this very reason that bromhexine is part of the SPR covid prophylaxis and early treatment protocol recommended to doctors and health authorities. People belonging to a high-risk group and living in a high-risk area may want to discuss this topic with their doctor.

Patients are asked to consult a doctor.

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