On the US Presidential Election

Joe Biden speaking at the US Council on Foreign Relations (January 2018)

Published: November 8, 2020
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On the US Presidential election and the leaked Biden Ukraine corruption tapes.

To understand the recent US presidential election and international political and media reactions to it, it is important to know the power structure of The American Empire and Its Media.

From a geopolitical perspective, the US presidential election is only superficially a choice between two political parties, since the US Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) encompasses both of these parties. Indeed, the CFR establishment has to keep at bay factions in both parties, notably the “socialist” (e.g. Bernie Sanders) and pacifist (e.g. Tulsi Gabbard) factions of the Democratic party, and the isolationist and nationalist faction (e.g. Trump) of the Republican party.

A Jeb Bush against Hillary Clinton race in 2016 would have been business as usual (as both are from CFR families). In a Jeb Bush against Bernie Sanders race, CFR compliant media would have supported Republican Jeb Bush. A Trump against Sanders race would have been a CFR nightmare that was only averted by sabotaging the Sanders campaign twice (in 2016 and 2020).

The Council on Foreign Relations
1945 to 2017: CFR members in key positions of the American Empire (read more)

Trump is pro-Israel, pro Wall Street, pro-military, pro fossil fuels, and yet CFR compliant media did not accept him. This is because his isolationist policies endangered the American Empire and its domestic and international power structure. His personality had nothing to do with it. Notably, most of the Republican national security establishment opposed Trump, too.

CFR compliant media did support and even praise, however, Trump’s limited imperial actions, like his missile strikes against Syria (in response to staged chemical attacks), his killing of Iranian General Soleimani, as well as his (attempted) regime changes in Venezuela, Bolivia and Belarus.

The conservative media empire of Rupert Murdoch (Fox News, New York Post, WSJ) is a special case. Murdoch was a CFR member from 1994 to 2014. Murdoch’s media did not support Trump during the 2016 Republican primaries, but did support him against Clinton and as President (otherwise they would have gone bankrupt; the Republican party establishment was in a similar double bind). However, Murdoch now appears to have dropped Trump (“It’s Joe time”, the New York Post titled).

(Of note, Rupert Murdoch’s son James, who always favored Joe Biden over Donald Trump and who quit the Murdoch News Corporation in mid-2020 due to “disagreements”, is a CFR member.)

The CFR establishment had to employ all of its political, media and intelligence assets to launch a huge four-year “Russiagate” disinformation campaign to keep Trump and his administration in check. The campaign included the Steele dossier (fabricated), the Mueller investigation (no results), false “Russian hacking” allegations (real DNC whistleblower likely killed), the impeachment trial in 2019 (no results), the alleged “Cambridge Analytica scandal” (collapsed), and more.

CFR Media Network
The American Empire and Its Media (read more)

In contrast, it is true that Joe Biden and his family were involved in corruption in Ukraine and China during Biden’s time as US Vice President, as Biden himself famously divulged during a 2018 CFR session, and as several leaked documents and witnesses have since confirmed. CFR compliant media had to ignore, distort or downplay this troubling fact ever since. In addition, US social media companies had to suppress additional pre-election leaks and a New York Post report about them.

The one-hour investigation “Biden’s Bribe Tapes” (see here), produced by conservative US news channel OAN between June and August 2020, includes the original leaked phone recordings between Biden and then Ukrainian President Poroshenko and many key witness testimonies. They show how Biden’s son was installed on the board of a Ukrainian gas company (Burisma), how Biden prevented a legal investigation against the company by the Ukrainian state prosecutor (and got him fired), and how Biden initiated a cover-up after the unexpected election of Donald Trump in November 2016.

At one point, Biden threatened Poroshenko’s “economic and physical security” if he didn’t comply.

When Ukrainian whistleblower Oleksandr Onyshchenko, a former advisor to Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko, wanted to testify and present the Biden tapes in the US in December 2019, he was first denied a visa and then, a few days before his departure, trapped and put into custody for half a year by German police. In May 2020, Ukrainian politician Andrii Derchak finally published the Biden tapes. Derchak was later declared a “Russian agent” by the US Treasury, barred from entering the country, and had his Facebook account (used for publishing the leaked documents) deleted.

In October 2020, it became known that the Facebook manager for ‘election integrity’ was a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council (run by senior CFR members) and had been a Ukraine policy advisor to VP Joe Biden. Moreover, both Oleksandr Onyshchenko (the Biden tapes whistleblower) and Viktor Shokin, the former Ukrainian state prosecutor who was investigating the Biden-linked Burisma gas company and who got fired after Biden put pressure on Poroshenko, claim to have been poisoned.

Between the Ukrainian regime change in February 2014 and Trump’s election in November 2016, the Burisma gas company transferred millions of dollars to the Biden family. However, according to leaked documents, Biden and Poroshenko were also involved in Ukrainian reverse flow gas dealings (routing Russian gas via the European Union and claiming it was European gas), which generated over one billion dollars in surcharges, whose recipients to this date remain largely unknown.

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