Australia in Lockdown

Australia in lockdown (Ian MSC)

Updated: August 28, 2021
: July 1, 2021

After the emergence of multiple coronavirus clusters, most of Australia now is in partial or full lockdown. The list of Australian contact tracing exposure sites is already 60 pages long and includes even some remote places in the Australian Outback.

The Australian coronavirus outbreak appears to confirm the key role played by pre-symptomatic aerosol transmission, which is very difficult to contain: in a major Sydney cluster, a pre-symptomatic person infected an entire birthday party of 24 people; a pre-symptomatically infected flight attendant went on five domestic flights before testing positive; and an infected nurse traveled for 10 days before testing positive, having already infected several of her contacts.

Australia still has a very low, single-digit vaccination rate; moreover, the country has relied on Astra-Zeneca, which achieves only 60% protection against symptomatic infection with the ‘Indian variant’, and which will be phased out due to fatal and severe reactions in young adults. Thus, Australia is likely to face a fierce uphill battle against the coronavirus during the ongoing winter season.

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