Update on Israeli Mortality Data

Israel: Increasing all-cause mortality in people 65+ from February 22 to March 21 (Euromomo; archived)

Published: April 7, 2021
Updated: April 8, 2021
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(See updates below.)

On March 31, SPR published a ‘viral’ article on the renewed and unexplained increase in Israeli all-cause mortality since mid-February. Just one day later, Israeli mortality data ‘disappeared’ from Euromomo, sparking speculations of a ‘cover-up’ on social media.

SPR updated its article on April 1 to emphasize that the temporary disappearance of Israeli data was most likely the result of a reporting delay due the Passover holiday, as this had happened before with data from several other countries.

On April 4, covid analyst Ben Marten confirmed this on Twitter: “I’ve received a response from Israel’s EuroMOMO partner, that they’ll be back on the site next week [i.e. on Thursday, April 8]. There was a manual delay in reporting, due to holidays.”

Nevertheless, this still leaves unexplained the mysterious increase in Israeli all-cause mortality in people 65+. Thus, the future development of Israeli mortality should be monitored closely.

In Europe and the US, there are already 5000 reported post-vaccination deaths, including several hundred deaths in people younger than 65, plus several hundred cases of post-vaccination blindness, deafness, miscarriages, and other serious adverse events.

Clearly, the safety profile of covid vaccines is even worse than that of the failed swine flu vaccines of 2009 and 1976. Moreover, additional covid vaccinations won’t avert a potential or ongoing spring wave, and their effectiveness against existing and new variants remains uncertain.

Therefore, health authorities may want to consider a suspension of additional vaccinations until autumn, especially for people with a low risk of severe covid, in order to gather more data on short-term and long-term vaccine safety and long-term vaccine effectiveness.

To study case reports of young post-vaccination victims, see The Covid Blog (USA), The Defender (USA), and Corona Blog (Germany). Example: “I wanted to travel and enjoy my last summer before college” – instead, a Texas teen developed GBS after his covid vaccination.

Update, April 8

The latest data provided by the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics (updated on April 6 with data until March 14) confirms a substantial increase in deaths in weeks 9 and 10:

All-cause deaths 65+, previous 7 days (Source: Israeli CBS)

The latest Euromomo update also confirms an increase in Israeli mortality (65+) from week 9 to week 10, but predicts a steep decrease from week 10 to week 12. However, it is unclear if this latest decrease is based on preliminary (non-public) data or if it is just an extrapolation.

Comparison: Decrease in covid deaths

Daily covid deaths in Israel (high vaccination rate), Sweden (low vaccination rate), and South Africa (very low vaccination rate): the decrease since late January has been almost identical.

Daily covid deaths in Israel, Sweden, and South Africa (OWD)

The situation in Israel

A woman describing the situation in Israel (6 minutes). The full video is 13 minutes.

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