Israel: Mortality Increase Confirmed

All-cause deaths 65+, previous 7 days (Source: Israeli CBS)

Published: April 8, 2021
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The Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) has published its latest mortality update, which includes data until March 14 (week 10). The CBS data confirms a substantial increase in all-cause mortality in people 65+ in weeks 9 and 10 (see chart above). Data for weeks 9 and 10 are marked as ‘preliminary’ by the CBS and may further increase somewhat.

Please note that the cause and significance of this renewed increase in Israeli all-cause mortality is currently unknown. For instance, it might be due to a natural “regression to the mean”. Nevertheless, health authorities may want to verify that the recent mass vaccination campaign has nothing to do with it, especially given recent reports of a “murky wave of heart attacks” in Israel.

In addition, Euromomo today has published its latest mortality update with (preliminary) data until week 13. For Israel, Euromomo confirms an increase in mortality from week 9 to week 10, but predicts a steep decrease from week 10 to week 12. However, it is unclear if this latest decrease is based on very preliminary (non-public) data or if it is just an extrapolation.

SPR will keep monitoring the situation.

Comparison: Decrease in covid deaths

Daily covid deaths in Israel (high vaccination rate), Sweden (low vaccination rate), and South Africa (very low vaccination rate): the decrease since late January has been almost identical.

Daily covid deaths in Israel, Sweden, and South Africa (OWD)

The situation in Israel

A woman describing the situation in Israel (6 minutes). The full video is 13 minutes.

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