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A brief history of false flag terrorism (Corbett)

Published: November 2023

New videos and playlists in the SPR Media Archive.

The videos can be accessed in two ways: via the content page and via the playlists page. Every video is assigned to at least one playlist. There is an extra playlist containing German videos.

Editor’s picks:

American Opium Dynasties: From Franklin Delano Roosevelt to John Forbes Kerry.

German: Kriegs­ver­sprechen II: Terror­manage­ment im 21. Jahr­hundert (2012)

New playlists:

Simulated Terrorism (Methods): Amputee actors, simulation bodies, and more.

World War One: No sleepwalking: from the Berlin-Baghdad railway to the Versailles Treaty.

World War Two: The unknown causes, crimes, and consequences of World War Two.

The Russiagate Deception: The fake Trump-Russia story and the real Trump-Israel story.

United States Politics: The dark past of the Clintons, Obama, Biden, Bush, and others.

Bilderberg Group: No-nonsense videos on the origins and role of the Bilderberg Group.

Political Assassinations: The Kennedy brothers, Martin Luther King, Olof Palme, and more.

Anthrax Deception (2001): The failed plot to blame the anthrax letters on AQ and Iraq.

The Corbett Report: 25 documentaries and videos by Canadian journalist James Corbett.

Big Tech and Online Manipulation: The murky origins of Google, Facebook, and more.

China: Geopolitics & Economy: Chinese geopolitics, economy, demographics, and more.

Ghouta False-Flag Chemical Attack (2013): How Islamists gassed hundreds of hostages.

Douma Staged Chemical Attack (2018): How Douma was staged and hostages killed.

Korean War and US Biowarfare: Evidence of US biowarfare during the Korean War.

Vietnam – Laos – Cambodia: From the Gulf of Tonkin to the CIA’s “Secret War” in Laos.

Israel and Mossad: Palestine conflict, Israel Lobby, Mossad operations, and more.

Photograph of the Day

The future Chair of the ADL, Esta Epstein (2018-2021), participated in the staged 2013 “Boston Marathon bombing” together with her husband Bob, the owner of the Boston Celtics. Mossad whistleblower Victor Ostrovsky and others exposed the ADL as an Israeli intelligence front.

Video: The staged “Boston Marathon bombing” explained in 12 minutes (2019)

“Just because something is imaginary doesn’t mean it is not real.”
Imagination Land, South Park, 2008

Esta Epstein (left in rose) and Bob (center in black) at the staged “Boston Marathon bombing” (Getty)

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