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Propaganda: The Manufacture of Consent (video)

Published: September 2023

New documentaries and playlists in the SPR Media Archive.

Editor’s pick: Propaganda – The Manufacture of Consent. A documentary about the father of modern propaganda and public relations – the man who coined the phrase “manufacture of consent” sixty years before Noam Chomsky popularized it: Edward Bernays, a nephew of Sigmund Freud.

The documentary about Edward Bernays is also available in German.


Scripted News: Some remarkable examples of scripted news (and who scripted it).

Banking and Finance: What really causes financial crises, how money creation really works (not via “fractional reserve banking”), why the modern stock market as a whole is a Ponzi scheme, why economic rent grabbing threatens the market economy, and more.

Climate Change Debate: Some of the best-known contrarian documentaries about the climate change question and a debate between supporters and opponents of the IPCC consensus.

Global Migration: Documentaries on the European and American migration crises.

Feature Films: Wag the Dog (1997), They Live (1988), The Little Drummer Girl (1984), Imagination Land (2008), and other classics about propaganda, staged events, and related topics.

Color Revolutions: From the Orange Revolution in Ukraine to the “Arab Spring”.

The Syria War:The covert origins of ISIS, staged chemical attacks, and more.

United States Politics: When and why did Democrats and Republicans switch their political platforms, and which four interrelated families have run California for almost 60 years?

Coronavirus Pandemic: Highlights and lowlights of the coronavirus pandemic.

September 11, 2001: New videos on 9/11 insider trading (linked not to Bin Laden but CIA executives), the anthrax deception, and the case *against* controlled demolition of WTC 7.

Lockerbie (1988): The censored 2019 documentary on CIA evidence fabrication.

JFK Assassination: How the CIA forged the “Zapruder film” and the JFK autopsy.

Switzerland: Swiss intelligence scandals from the 1980s to today.

German videos: Over 50 German-language documentaries.

Visit the SPR Media Archive for more documentaries and playlists.

Photograph of the Day (18+)

A high-quality simulation body manufactured by a British military contractor and used by the BBC Panorama program to stage a “Syrian chemical weapon attack” near Aleppo in 2013. (more)

A high-quality simulation body used by the BBC in Syria (SPR)

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