SPR Media Archive: 250 New Videos

In the Pay of the CIA (CBS News, 1967)

Published: August 2023

250 new videos have been added to the SPR Media Archive.

The videos can be accessed in two ways: via the content page and via the playlists page. Every video is assigned to at least one playlist. There is an extra playlist containing German videos.

Please note that automatic video upload notifications do not usually work because SPR is backdating the videos to ensure correct historical chronology.

Three videos have been upgraded to a higher resolution: The Boston Unbombing now is available in 720p HD; Israel and the Assassination of the Kennedy Brothers now is available in 720p HD; and the famous 1992 BBC Timewatch documentary on Operation Gladio now is available, for the first time, in a high-quality 480p version (instead of the usual 240p VHS version).

Many more videos and investigations will be added, especially on the topic of state-run and staged terrorism. Please be aware that this topic, if you have not previously looked into it, will seriously and irrevocably shatter your current perception of reality.

The topic of staged terrorism is also linked to the coronavirus pandemic, since some of the operatives participating in staged terrorism events played a key role during the recent pandemic.

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Photograph of the Day

A hyper-realistic simulation body used during the staged 2013 Westgate shopping mall attack in Kenya, Nairobi. The shopping mall was owned by Australian-Israeli billionaire Frank Lowy, who in June 2001 acquired, together with Larry Silverstein, the New York City WTC complex.

“Just because something is imaginary doesn’t mean it is not real.”
Imagination Land, South Park, 2008

“An injured woman cries for help after gunmen stormed the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi” (Reuters 2013)

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