Werden Corona-Patienten “immer jünger”?

Covid hospitalizations in England by age group (PHE report)

(On the question whether covid patients are getting younger due to the ‘British variant’. Answer: no.)

Zahlreiche Medien behaupteten in den letzten Wochen, hospitalisierte Corona-Patienten würden “aufgrund der britischen Virus-Variante zunehmend jünger”. Die Medien beriefen sich dabei auf offizielle Statistiken und auf Aussagen von Ärzten. Dennoch ist die Aussage nicht richtig.

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Israel: Why is all-cause mortality increasing?

All-cause deaths 65+, previous 7 days (Source: Israeli CBS)

The Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics has published its latest update on all-cause mortality, providing data up to April 4. The official CBS data confirms an increase in 65+ all-cause mortality from late February to late March, in the wake of the mass-vaccination campaign, followed by a renewed decrease. Israeli and international health authorities may (or may not) want to investigate the cause of this unexplained increase, which represents up to 1000 additional deaths, especially given reports by Israeli doctors of a “murky wave of heart attacks”.

Lockdowns in China (2021)

Video footage of recent and current lockdowns in major Chinese cities. The videos show city districts getting closed off, often without advance notice; mass PCR testing of millions of people; newly built isolation facilities; apartment doors getting sealed and building doors getting welded shut; people in closed off buildings crying for food, or jumping out of the window to their death.

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